Social Stalking


To launch its latest thriller series, Belgian TV channel Vier took advantage of LinkedIn’s creepy ‘who’s viewed your profile’ feature to seed content from the show. It created a fictional LinkedIn profile named ‘Stalker’, filled out with some questionable personal details and an exclusive trailer, which was then used to stalk 12,000 users

What We Like

Quite frankly it’s a step up from the usual level of stalking that happens on the platform. At least you know what you’re getting with the notification that ‘Stalker, self-employed at a place near you’ viewed your profile, and IW loves the fact this prompted 63% of users to view Stalker’s profile in return. No irony either in the fact that ‘Stalker’ received around 27,600 Twitter impressions even without a Twitter account of his own


Find where your audience is and go to them. This campaign works because it hijacks a mechanic that is part of many people’s day-to-day lives