Badge of Honour


Nike has created a range of ‘comic strip plasters’ in an effort to encourage overprotective Chinese parents to embrace its ‘Just Do It’ philosophy, and be more prepared to let their children partake in sports and physical activity. This is traditionally something parents in China have been more reticent to do, due to the nations (now lifted) one-child policy.

Each ‘badge of honour’, as the plasters are known, features a single panel of a comic strip which features a unique ‘can-do’ character engaging in a fun physical activity. When the plasters are looked at together, they tell a coherent story of derring-do.

The campaign didn’t stop there though, as each character was also featured in 80s-cartoon inspired content hosted on its social channels.

What We Like

Aside from the absolutely top-notch graphic design (seriously, kudos to the designer who managed to turn plasters into a coherent comic book through artful placement of these) – IW is a huge fan of the smart strategic approach taken by Nike here – looking to change the attitudes of one group to increase the sales opportunities in another.