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Northern Ireland has become a bit of a tourist hotspot in recent years – in part thanks to the starring role it takes in HBO’s smash-hit, Game of Thrones. IW is of course not talking about some extraordinarily abstract character created By George RR Martin, but rather the fact that the Emerald Isle is one of the most common locations for the show to be filmed.

To ensure that those last few fans who weren’t aware of this had ample time to take note in time for booking next year’s holiday, Tourism Ireland has created a whopping 250ft tapestry featuring key moments from the history of the show (many of which were filmed in Ireland).

New events will be added to the tapestry ‘as they happen’, meaning that each week throughout season 7 the tapestry is only due to grow larger.

What We Like

IW always appreciates a stunt which has genuine craft behind it. Whether you love or hate the show, there’s something remarkable about seeing something so large created through the use of traditional techniques.