A Car and a Camera



What we learned from our research was how Volvo collaborated and worked with Barbara Davidson to compile a mass of work that would benefit people from different parties. Barbara Davidson, the award winning photographer, was contacted by Volvo to create a campaign in which Davidson would carry out a project including the use of the new Volvo XC60, and especially it’s movement detection camera. What came of this fusion was a collection of unique street photos taken by the photographer and the car itself which were exhibited and shown to the public in Canvas Studios, London.

By using an established photographer to use their product and create an exhibition that started in London and would move around the globe they not only got artists, designers and photographers looking and discussing the work but also the discussion of technology and the car itself had to make part of the interactions.

What We Like

Volvo took a different approach to sell and spread information about their product, we love the fact that they found a way to implement features of the camera , like with the motion and person detecting technology, and a creative collection of work as a united project. The way art was used here to demonstrate safety and Volvo’s prowess in the car and car safety market. We like the actual photos that were exhibited, you can tell they aren’t average photos mindlessly took and thrown together and Volvo or Davidson made a great choice of location (Copenhagen) because , as we can see, the streets, tunnels and architecture complement the photographs.