Asus’ Dark Descent


Amsterdam Worldwide launch a campaign for Asus to promote their new laptop model the Transformer 3 Pro. This piece of tech plays a role in the short film ,directed by Julie Gautier and Moritz Grub, created for this campaign. Sofia Uribe, a free diving record holder, story tells over the film while on the film Uribe sails out to sea to plunge herself into the ocean. The laptop is featured just before Uribe’s deep dive, it is connected to and powers a light-suit that had been attached to Uribe to light up to the rate of her heartbeat.

What We Like

The product itself is not in the forefront of the film dominating the entire piece of media, it appears enough times to remember the laptop but at the same time the film maintains balance by not including too many shots of the device. The shots of everything else are beautiful and came together very cohesively. Taking the talent of an individual and being able to utilize it in a way that can advertise a product without speaking or being blatantly upfront about the content is a skill IW loves. The film is put together so brilliantly,  from start to finish there is an elegance and intimacy about Uribe and her relationship with the tech and ,more overtly, the ocean.