Fitness Academy


Reebok published an open letter via its website to the newly elected head of ‘The Academy’. The Academy in question was the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, which is of course, no surprise, unlike the contents of the letter, which decidedly were.

The letter was written by Reebok’s President (or at the very least, he put his name to it), and the contents argued that a new category of Oscar should be launched; one honouring personal trainers. The idea is that those individuals who have helped craft the physique of A-Listers have a very similar impact on a film as those working those in wardrobe departments, costume departments, and so on. Those same departments which do, in fact, get recognised at the Oscars ceremony… even if most of us would be hard pressed to name these categories, let alone those films which have seen success within them.

What We Like

This idea was extremely cheap, and very effective. The point was to not really argue for the inclusion of fitness trainers in the ceremony, but rather to get the public arguing for and against. They succeeded.