Rotten Apple


Phone manufacturer, fashion icon, and anti audio-jack brand Apple has continued its gradual efforts to get more active on social media. No, the brand hasn’t finally gotten round to posting its first ever tweet, but rather launched its first official Instagram page where it is sharing galleries of images #shotoniphone. Each image shared has been been sourced from the public, and contains a prominent link to the photographers profile, in addition to a quote from them beneath the image.

What We Didn't LIke

For such a forward thinking brand, Apple is way too late to the party for this to have any real impact. Sure, it’s a nice addition, and IW will never complain about a brand carving out a creative space for themselves on social media – but so many others are doing great work in this space that Apple is just adding to the noise.

With all its innovation, advertising (think back to its 80’s ad’s), and audio expertise, IW would have hoped it had its sights fixed on a bar more than a little higher than that.