A Banging Promo


Crossfaith, the Heavy Metal band that sounds as if it’s named after a Government community outreach scheme, launched a brand-new track. If fans wanted to hear it however, it wasn’t simply a case of firing up the smartphone and popping in their headphones.

The track was instead first made available via an online microsite which accessed your computers webcam – requiring you to head-bang if you wanted to hear it played. If you stopped, so did the music. So, to incentivise you to keep-on banging ‘til the track finished up fans were rewarded with trippy on-screen visuals which got increasingly zany the more they kept up their vigorous movements.

What We Like

It’s quirky, it’s digital, and it’s shareable. So, of course IW loved it. Aside from getting the big stuff right though – this is a great example of how much a difference those small touches make. The online experience measured, and made the audience aware of, stats such as ‘total number of head-bangs achieved’ whilst watching – something which helped make this experience feel complete.