Foundational Change


To celebrate the launch of its first ever cosmetics collection, Fenty Beauty (which is the fashion band started by Rhianna) launched an inspiring advert featuring 40 diverse women from all over the globe – deftly bringing to life how broad the definition of beauty is in the 21st century.

The number of women featured in the advert reflected the number of foundation tones available within the new range (40). The large number of shades available in the range is due to Fenty’s desire to cater for the broad range of skin tones real women across the globe have; a market which has, in the past, not been sufficiently catered to at all. Something which has traditionally left many women forced to make do with unsuitable foundation.

What We Like

Far from being a ‘social purpose campaign’ all this campaign did was bring to life the positive nature of the product range – which had purpose at the heart.

Outside of that, the advert is stunningly shot, with its music video aesthetic being exactly what is required to thrive on the platforms on which its audience resides. No wonder then this has seen so many shares across a host of social platforms.